North Stanmore Ionic
Clay REE Discovery

Victory Metals’ North Stanmore Ionic Clay REE Discovery is situated within the Company’s 100% owned exploration licence E20/871 and is situated in close proximity to the Cue township and is bordered by the Great Northern Highway on its Eastern boundary. To date the Company has drilled 185 Aircore (AC) holes and currently AC drilling a further approximate 10,000m in search for further rare earth element mineralisation.

Notable intersections from completed drilling at North Stanmore include:

  • 16 metres at 2155ppm TREO from 21 metres (NSTAC032) including,
    • 6 metres at 4683ppm TREO, and
    • 2 metres at 9681ppm TREO
  • 32 metres at 1047ppm TREO from 36 metres (NSTAC004) including,
    • 12 metres at 2038ppm TREO, and
    • 8 metres at 2467ppm TREO from 48 metres
  • 12 metres at 1316ppm TREO from 24 metres (MAFAC019)
  • 16 metres at 800ppm TREO from 36 metres (NSTAC012)
  • 13 metres at 735ppm TREO from 36 metres (NSTAC060) including,
    • 6 metres at 1047ppm TREO from 38 metres
  • 6 metres at 966ppm TREO from 60 metres (NSTAC057)
  • 8 metres at 992ppm TREO from 36 metres (NSTAC016)

Current assays report a TREO average grade of 1014ppm with the mineralisation remaining open in all directions.

Scandium (Sc2O3) reported in latest assays exceeds global economic grades, highest 106ppm with Scandium being essential for manufacturing Al-Sc alloys in fighter jets and hydrogen fuel cells and is in extremely high demand

The Company has appointed RSC Mining & Mineral Exploration appointed to commence (JORC) Mineral Resource Estimate for the Discovery. [1]

[1] Refer to ASX announcement titled “Assays Confirm High Grade Ionic Clay REE Extension” dated 15th November 2022.